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Robert McIntosh
Jan Frans DeBoever

Jan Frans De Boever was a classical Belgian symbolist painter heavily influenced by the poetry and literature of the 16th and 17th century.

Most of De Boever's paintings are of literary and allegorical/mythological subjects that reflect romantic imagery, depicting the constant universal struggle of good vs. evil. Many of these subjects are symbolically illustrated as beautiful art nouveau women (good), interacting with skeletons, demons or gargoyles (evil).

DeBoever took great pride in constructing his own frames for the paintings, many paintings in this exhibition retain the original DeBoever frames. Some have the original labels with poetry and phrasing describing the symbolic

imagery of the painting.

The following paintings were assembled from a number of private collections in Europe, for many this will be the first time they have been availible for sale in decades. Some have taken years to acquire.


Trigg Ison Fine Art is proud to present this exhibition of

Belgian Symbolist painting by Jan Frans DeBoever

For a closer look, please click on a painting below.

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Virtual Painting Presentation at Trigg Ison Fine Art Inc.

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