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Darren LeGallo

Darren LeGallo was born in Landstohl, Germany in 1974, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He received a BA in Painting from ACU in Abilene, Texas in 1996. Works by Darren LeGallo have recently been exhibited in Chelsea, New York's Bold Hype Gallery (2012), Seattle, Washington's Ltd. Art Gallery (2012), Santa Monica, California's Bergamont Station (2009), Silverlake, Los Angeles Ghetto Gloss Gallery (2009). Le Gallo is also illustrating an original Graphic Novel written by John Patrick Shanley, as well as a collaboration project with LA based artist Chandler Wood.


Somewhere between Surrealism and Expressionism Le Gallo finds his main influences. The exploration of the subconscious mind, and the mysteries of dreams and the human psyche are the main themes within his work.

A serendipitous meeting between Darren LeGallo and Trigg Ison has inspired a creative collaboration between artist and art dealer, culminating with the February/March 2013 exhibition, "Darren LeGallo: Nothing You Don't Know", a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings. 


We are proud to welcome you to the second solo exhibition of American artist Darren LeGallo, "From Destruction.", opening January 13-31, 2020.


The artist has taken a unique position and perspective with this latest body of work, conceived and executed over the last five years. The word "Mixed Media" has never been so aptly applicable as with this new journey into paintings created from almost every medium; graphite, photography, oil, digital manipulation, and full audience interaction and participation. One painting in particular, "Offering", a fully mixed media painting created in dozens of layers, whereby the gallery guests are encouraged to "Tear a Piece", revealing figurative images, colors and textures lying beneath in various levels. The painting is constantly morphing into different imagery as viewers reveal what lies beneath.


Special thanks to the staff and associates of the gallery for coming together to allow us to present this current monumental exhibition. Thanks to Robert Bentley and Pedhro Kruz, Andres Anayo, Stacie Hunt and Roman Levy and Amy Graves. Special thanks to Krista Smith and Sam Taylor-Johnson.

                                                                        Trigg Ison


Trigg Ison Fine Art proudly presents the works of artist Darren LeGallo

"Offering" an original mixed media work by American artist Darren LeGallo. Executed in layers, the guests of the opening reception were invited to "tear" a piece of the layered painting away, participating in the creation of the final image.

Darren LeGallo Art

For a closer look, please click on a piece below.

"From Destruction" Exhibition 2020

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