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Robert McIntosh
Burton Freund

Burton Freund was an important American sculptor and illustrator, creating a body of figurative original art that spanned decades. His illustrations were prominetly featured in virtually every American literary publication/magazine from, The New Yorker to The Saturday Review of Literature. The work of Burton Freund mirrored the history and culture of America through the great depression and into the modern world of the 1950's.

Exampes of his illustrations occasionally surface in the form of a rare drawings or print, however his early sculpture from c.1938-1945 have been held aside, until now. This will be the first occasion since the work was originally conceived and created, that any of the original figurative wood sculpture has been available.

Acquired directly from the personal collection of the artist, created, c. 1938-1945, these works embody the strength and character made famous by American artist's of the period, as the government strived to provide artistic work (WPA) for the nations artist's during the depression era of America in the 1930's.

It is with pleasure that we invite you to enjoy one of the rarest bodies of original American figurative sculpture.

Trigg Ison Fine Art is proud to present the original figurative wood sculpture of

American WPA artist Burton Freud

Burton Freund Art

For a closer look, please click on a Sculpture below.


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