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Estate Cast Bronze

Polish/American, Signed, Illustrated

16 x 18 Inches

Stanislav Szukalski

  • "Labor"
    Estate Cast Bronze

    Polish/American, Signed

    16 x 18 Inches


    Presenting a just released estate cast bronze by Stanislav Szukalski, “Labor.”


    “Labor”, was originally cast in 1916 as a conceptual sculpture for a three story high monument. The sculpture has been estate cast in a numbered edition of nine bronzes, this bronze is #4/9, lost wax cast from an original bronze and so it retains the original signature and date as well as the contemporary foundry mark in the bronze.


    The sculpture is also illustrated in the 1923 book, “Works of Szukalski.” Stanislav Szukalski was a classically trained Polish artist who immigrated to Chicago and created an incredible body of sculptures and paintings. The Polish government requested that he return to Warsaw where they created the Szukalski National Museum. Sadly when Germany bombed Poland in 1938 all of Szukalski’s original work was destroyed and the artist and his wife returned to America with basically the clothes on their backs and nothing more.


    A Netflix documentary on the life and art of Stanislav Szukalski was just released in December 2018, “Struggle: The Life And Lost Art of Szukalski”, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.


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