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"Sir Laurence Olivier as Young Hamlet"

Oil on Canvas

American, Signed, 1949

47 x 41 Inches

Just Arrived


John Law Walker

  • "Sir Laurence Olivier as Young Hamlet"

    Oil on Canvas

    American, Signed, 1949

    47 x 41 Inches

    About the Painting:

    We are proud to present the original oil on canvas by John Law Walker of Sir Lawrence Olivier as  Young Hamlet. We are also very pleased to include the original black and white numbered still photographs from the 1948 film chronicling individual scenes from the film including Olivier’s portrayal of Hamlet. This is the first time since the painting was completed that it has been available for sale.  

    In 1948, Sir Lawrence Olivier adapted the screenplay from William Shakespeare’s, “Hamlet”, and brought the play to the big screen. Olivier also produced and directed the film as well as starred in the feature role as Hamlet.

    The film received major accolades, and consequently won the Academy Award for Olivier as Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Film.

    Upon the film’s release in the United States, American WPA artist John Law Walker was commissioned to paint Olivier’s life-size portrait as “Young Hamlet.” Olivier posed for the creation of this painting. The painting then toured Europe and America as the film was released.

    The painting was also displayed at Universal Studios after the films premier ad tour. As a courtesy, in the late 1950’s, the painting was returned to the artist where it remained in his collection until his death in 1965.

    Decades later, the painting was discovered within the estate of the artist along with a series of original black and white photographs, excerpt stills from the film all individually numbered. These original black and white numbered still will be included with the sale of the painting.


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Jan Frans

De Boever